Bulgarian Embassy Interlude

Bulgarian Embassy, Ulaanbaatar

Remarkable visit with discussions on partnering.

MNU programs introduced. Discussions on academic, agricultural and business partners in Bulgaria.

Bulgarian Embassy Visit
Date: 11.05.20
Where: Bulgarian Embassy, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Contact: Charge d'Affairs of Bulgarian Embassy Mr.Miroslav KOMOROV
Team Representing MNU:
Ms. Julia - VP Academic Cooperation
Mr. Tsogo - Board Start Up Companies
Mr. Coles - Director International Relations
Discussed and Futire Cooperation Possibilities:
- Various programs and schools of MNU with Komorov in his office.
- Agricultural cooperation with Bulgarian experts for MNU land and animals, dairy development, etc...
- Educational cooperation possibilities with Sofia University, Technical University of Sofia, Plovdiv
University and others as potential partners.
-Innovation Centre potentials with Bulgarian compnaies to invest in.
- Other possible business partners in Bulgarian such as in skills, export, import
- Exchanged MNU university guide (Mongolian) and Program Guidebook (English) as gifts and
Bulgarian Embassy gave Bulgarian Tourist information for future cooperation
Plan: Coles will contact Komorov as follow up for NEW partner info to act upon next.

publish date: 5 сар, 2 долоо хоног өмнө