Internships and Practicums Through Personal Experience and Wisdom

Internships and Practicums

These are crucial parts of important formative and holistic education students find during their degree programs and learning here at Mongolian National University.

Interactions in these learning environments include special customized training relationships with our partners on our various campuses,  as well as unique opportunities modeling known real life practices. There is an augmenting of these well tried practices with fresh ideas coming from students while spending their time in action with our partners in various offices, labs, arrangements and other thoughtful geographies. In such ways students are matured vocationally and as people seeing different sides of life beyond their own upbringings. Students are placed at locations across Mongolia's diverse regions, key economic hubs, as well as in environments situated overseas for improved inner and exterior formation.

“A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.”

Francis Bacon, The Essays

Mongolian National University is also about placing students in useful training environments where they begin to see old things in new ways. They will also develop new professional skills they can use in Mongolia and in many other countries, societies and economies. In these locales they will begin to recognize their further abilities and developed discernment in how better to invest their time towards themselves, their families, their companies and in others they will meet in life.
Gifts and talents are isolated and watered through students experiences with mentors. Mentoring in multiple fields takes place during and through these kinds of relationships usually in the student's 4th year. Yet many of those practical steps do begin in years prior.

These formative steps are about more options for encouraging thinking minds using observation and deduction with aims to produce useful results for these students and many other people they will find and befriend in life.

Yet let us understand first if we might two different ways to learn. Whether you or a student or visiting one of our campuses here in Mongolia sorting information from what is useful wisdom is a real task of discernment which needs to be formed within over time.

There are 2 ways, said generally and in brief, that one can learn:

1. Personal Experience

2. Wisdom Gleaned from Others

Example of Personal Experience: Burning yourself on a hot stove is an undesired yet useful experience.

Example of Wisdom: Watching another burn themselves on a hot stove and choosing not to copy that person's action can be useful wisdom.

Measuring what might be true in life by ones short life will limit you in your scope of what is possible.

If you have not visited for example Antarctica and yet make some conclusions on what Antarctica might be like you will be limited. Yet if you find someone who actually traveled to Antarctica is person they will be able to describe things to you (weather, topography, survival skills, etc...) that can be of great practical use to you. Useful as far as objective truth even if you never travel there. We learn astronomy even though we may not be in a space program as an astronaut.

At our university we provide diverse environments where Mongolian and international students can ask questions from professors, counselors and other faculty and staff who serve as mentors to our student body. We want our students to be able to learn the difference between personal subjective feelings on the one hand and on the other tested empirical experiences to the best of what can be created.

Internships and Practicums

Mongolian National University provides internships with:

1. various corporations, 2. business environments and 3. professional associations and 4. others, we are in partnership with. These relationships exist to provide MNU students and learners with creative and concrete professional, practical on location opportunities to put what they've been learning in the classroom, their courses, together with real life application.

* These real life internships are held with trade companies, investment groups, airlines, insurance firms and many other useful arrangements where students come together with professional mentorships from a range of fields and specialties for experience, improved understandings, useful skill formation and talent amplification. Learn where you are now. Learn techniques from those who came before you.

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