Introduction MNU

Established in 1998, Mongolian National University (MNU) is the largest non governmental university in Mongolia. MNU’s faculties, schools of learning and numerous special programs offer academic and professional enrichment to challenge students and help them expand their interests and motivate their active participation within the community. MNU supports these goals via business internships, social engagements and scholastic opportunities.

In 2014, over 10,000 undergraduate, graduate students from all Mongolian provinces chose MNU as their university. MNU has 8 branch schools and 20 faculty groups. Students can select from 80 undergraduate, graduate and post graduate programs. Over, 3,600 students have graduated from MNU. Ninety percent are employed.

Students enrich the MNU community with their diverse social and cultural backgrounds. MNU strongly believes in introducing students to different ideas and cultures to prepare them for future career challenges. As the foremost and most prestigious university in Mongolia, MNU has become an “energy center” of technological innovation by creating advancements in research , ideas and thought. MNU has made these accomplishments by building on a tradition of excellence and a commitment to prepare graduates for great careers.

Foreign relations and international cooperation are significant within the policy and strategy of the MNU. MNU has working agreements with university partners from Korea, Russia, China, Japan, USA, Norway, Canada, and Hainan University. As a result, MNU offers numerous student exchange programs and professor exchange opportunities for lectures, academic studies and research work. We have only just begun!