Mongolia's Door to Israel - Israel's Gate to Mongolia מחר היום זה אתמול

Another first for Mongolia with Israel. Israel's prime venue in Mongolia.

Mongolian National University (MNU) has founded as a pioneering first in Mongolia an Israeli and Jewish Studies academic and project venture.

'The Institute of Israeli Technology and Jewish Diplomatic Studies (IITJDS)' on MNU's international campus in Ulaanbaatar fulfills several areas of research and technologies application we see (below):

Scientific Innovation Conference, Mongolian National University (Dec 2021)

For many years Mongolian students have gone abroad in order to pursue their academic training.  Mongolia is a liberal democracy where researchers can conduct research in ways not always possible in other countries.

Recent experiences with COVID and irregular travel realities have shown you as well as Mongolians that that the need for 'in-country' options in the technical and academic developmental spheres is present.


- technical training for Mongolians (involving partnering with others in the same and in different fields for cross-fertilization of ideas, methods, strategies,etc...)

- meetings for government people

- business interests to work with

- Global Jewish Studies

- training of diplomats and staff for service abroad

- for research, partnerships, projects at the bachelor, masters and PhD levels

- environmental research projects

- climate change research

- desertification

- hydrology

- solar and other energy projects

- smart greenhouses

- severe climate food growth projects

- data gathering in various regions

- meteorological studies

- new species in new environments projects (sharing findings with other partners)

- conducting tests in Mongolian climatic conditions for partners (who want to learn more)

- access and involvement for partners in previously un-researched areas

- base for research teams to travel to research sites around Mongolia

- Ulaanbaatar has a brand new international airport to serve your research and growth in Mongolia

- the Institute picks up partners at the airport

- accommodations available

- conference lecture hall

- professor suites, offices

- city view restaurant

- on site cafes

- professorships and visitations can be arranged through 'the Institute'

- economical-range app development partners in Mongolia for you through 'the Institute'

- more ...

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Interaction Point in Mongolia | For Jewish Studies schools, departments, faculties and institutes outside Mongolia the Institute for ITJDS is your human-personal interaction point representing Mongolia and its ever changing and modernizing society

Documentaries | in present development (be part of this heritage on the land)

Partners | The 'Institute' has strong relationships with corporations, institutions, academics, diplomats and other partners who share common vision and input into new ideas towards a future we all share together.

IITJDS project spheres and interaction :

Contact | For more information on Institute Partnerships and Services:

Christopher Coles, Director, Institute of ITJDS, MNU

Innovation Technology Tower, MNU #1, Office #1407

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


FB: Christopher Coles

Research Areas: Global Jewish Studies, Israeli Technology, Geopolitics, Diplomacy, Western History, Western Pedagogy, Rabbinical Education, Philosophy, Desert Studies, Marketing, Mentorship

publish date: 1 сар, 1 долоо хоног өмнө