President's Message

The world is full of human capabilities worthy of far more than silver and gold. This is how we view you and our own people. Mongolian National University is proud of our students, professors, graduates, faculty, staff and all our employees and their families.  Mongolian National University is a place of major physical, academic and global growth going into our 2020-2021 year. We have a brand new international campus along with a tall sky blue glass and steel innovation facility (also the first university hospital in Mongolia underway) for you to join us in with innovative drive and expansion.

Mongolian National University is Mongolia's Innovation University. We are preparing future leaders right now through balanced industry internships and growth partnerships which might mean you? I wish you success with us as we develop even further globally through our Mongolian youth so are the bold values and vision of our university.

Munkhbat Lkhagvasuren
Founder, Chairman, General Director
Mongolian National University

Greetings to all students, staff and partners of Mongolian National University around the world. We much appreciate your investment in our drive forward as a community of leaders for tomorrow.

The 2020-2021 is a unique and challenging one though we are up for challenges and prepare our people to face life and aim for high results with perspective and vision. We hold strong and will make it through anything.

We are focused on real growth and many create new projects for the coming years ahead.

'Greetings to Each One of You Our Global Partners'


Dashdolgor Bayarsukh Ph.D
Mongolian National University